Monday, April 7, 2014

Why PHP is the Future of Web Development?

PHP web development transformed conventional method of developing websites from the scratch. Availability of different frameworks coupled with ease of development makes PHP a preferred choice for web development. It fosters the development of quality web apps (blogs, CMS, eCommerce websites, etc.). As per the recent stats, PHP accounts for more than 250 million websites globally. It is not only capable of accommodating diverse vertical needs, but it is also a cost-effective alternative for quick and feature-rich websites. Some of the most popular web development frameworks written in PHP language are Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Zend, etc. There are numerous reasons that make PHP a distinguished entity, and a partner of choice for web development, these are:

Cost effective – Spend less, experiment more
The popularity of PHP is largely driven by its cost-effective nature. It is an open source server-side scripting that is available for free. It completely eliminates the cost of licensing software and then initiating development. Creating sophisticated websites using conventional tools and software can cost an arm and leg. As a result, in the midst of technology spree, PHP development is genuine, trusted and readily available cost-effective web development solution.

Versatile – Diverse frameworks for different needs
Regardless of the nature of your business, PHP has multiple feature-rich frameworks that guarantee development of websites for your business. From content rich website to attractive graphics, from portals to online stores, PHP promotes development of basic to complex web apps. In addition, it offers the flexibility for making changes as and when required without hurting the development time.

Rich Community – Global support for continuous innovation
PHP has a rich global community that invests serious interest in nurturing the language and different frameworks. They strive to popularize PHP frameworks by consistently adding improved features and functionalities in the form of plugins and widgets.

Luxury of customization – Desired features now a possibility
Nothing can match the scalability and luxury of customization offered by PHP. Whether it is an online store or an enterprise website, PHP promotes development of highly customized websites. You define, and the experts inject those features in your website. So rather than sticking to stubborn design patterns and static pages, you can get a website that represents your business the way you desire.

Easily available experts – Augment success of your ventures
Having discovered the benefits of PHP for web development, it is important to hire proficient web developers capable of exploiting features of PHP. In addition, if you outsource web development to offshore companies, cost further gets reduces without compromising on quality and accessibility.

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, PHP is also a top contender for future web development because it supports all the leading browsers and operating systems. It can be embedded into HTML, available extensions can be scaled and web-based tools like Google maps can be easily accessed. These are some of the features that make me conclude that PHP is the future of web development.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hiring from PHP Development Company is Profitable for Businesses

Offshore PHP development companies offer web and mobile solutions at very affordable rates. Solutions are feature and technology rich. They have expert developers and designers that deliver project on time with minimum turnarounds.

hire developers from php development company

There are many other benefits of hiring PHP developers from an offshore PHP web Development Company. This server side scripting language consists of an array of website development and web application tools. Having served many businesses, PHP offers highly manageable and responsive web solution. Further, offshore PHP development companies provide cost effective and quality solutions that serve every business need. As the solutions are cost-effective, deal for customized web solutions from offshore PHP Development Company is profitable option for businesses.

Developers use different approach in every project to deliver innovative outputs to the client. Some of the major advantages of offshore PHP development are:
  • Company provides control over your project development process with responsive communication channels
  • As offshore developers has lessen your cost as well as efforts for producing unique solution, the in-house team can now concentrate more on critical areas like marketing or other that enhance creditability of business
  • In desired time-frame, you can get affordable and quality solution thereby, helping business embracing new technology on time

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Expand your Business through Open Source Web Development

Web development refers to the creation of a website for the internet or intranet. Large scale organizations might need a large number of web developers while smaller firms can do so with information systems, a graphic designer and a technician webmaster.

Open Source Web Development has no costs whatsoever because the expenses are covered by donations, sponsorships and advertisements. By using the different frameworks developers can design websites that will suit your business and generate revenue from target and random clients.

Open Source platforms provides its users the option of studying, changing, and modifying the software. These days even the more established websites like Yahoo, Google and various others are using open source software as it improves the quality and is more reliable and flexible at very economical cost.

Why Open Source?

The reason Open Source Web Development is such a massive industry is because it is a business that has everything all other companies don't have. It can be used from millions of locations, and even in countries around the world that have plumbing. One of the key benefits of open source is the price of the software, you cannot compete with free.

To get the best scalable solutions to fulfill the business needs for your company, the only option is to get an Open Source Web Developer to ensure efficient results for all the business requirements. The use of open source solutions is popular and widely used as the services are free and dynamic, and also open for changes. The use of such technology gives a creative experience in creating proficient websites.

Offshore Developers
Offshore open source software developers are collaborative public endeavors which possess the content generated by the customers either technically or the content movements are open freely. The platform gives its users the freedom to choose the functions of a program for a number of reasons and reallocate its copies to other users. It also enables the user to understand how the program works and helps make necessary changes to be adaptable for your requirements.

Some of the main advantages of development are as follows:

The platforms are freely available, which makes the development work highly cost -effective. There are no additional cost fee’s involved which proves to be advantageous for clients and developers. It provides cost-effective web development solutions.

Flexible approach 
Open source web development is highly efficient as it provides complete flexible solutions to mold the platform to suit the business needs. It provides an array of options that make it easy to add functionalities or make changes to the main framework and customize the platform to keep it in accordance with the requirements.

Most of these platforms are easy to understand, learn, and master. The technology can be operated easily by non-technical users, and even the management of the content placed on the website has no hassles. For this reason, it is often preferred by smaller and growing companies for the simple management of their processes.

Open source platforms ensure the complete safety of the solutions built for the website. It is free from the problems of the internet and the content uploaded on the site stays secure. It is therefore the best choice for top business houses to build their company’s websites or make innovative eCommerce solutions.

The use of open source technology can provide an enterprise with stable, alterable and cost-efficient solutions developed at a quick rate. And there are many more technologies, providing companies with exclusive development. This has made open source development flourish to a great extent in the past few years.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

PHP Development as the Global server

PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a highly popular open source server-side scripting language, that’s especially suited for web development and can be incorporated into HTML format and since then has installed its service in over 244 million sites, and 2.1 million servers. This makes it one of the most popular scripting languages in the world.

The PHP service caters to various industries, ranging from eCommerce websites to hard-end businesses. With PHP, you have the freedom of choosing an operating system and a web server. Aside from this, it gives the user the choice of using procedural programming or object oriented programming, or a combination of both of them.

PHP has a global presence, making it the right choice for website development. PHP web development in India is growing rapidly. After the US, India has the highest number of PHP developers. Many enterprises around the world prefer PHP development in India as India has proved its excellence in designing and programming, throughout the years.

Benefits of using PHP
PHP is an open source server side programming language, which is free, and made available in the market. Its coding style is quite easy to understand, and it is very efficient on multiple platforms. It is a very flexible and powerful language, making it most suitable for developing dynamic web pages.

It is compatible on any given operating system, such as Windows, UNIX, Linux and so forth. It is extremely difficult to come across a server that does not support PHP development.

Cost Cutting
Development of PHP based websites is highly affordable. Development, Customization and Designing of the website can be done at a cheap rate. Professional services of PHP are offered by the companies, such as designing, CMS development, Application development and others. PHP is also supported by major enterprises that contribute towards its success on a daily basis.

PHP services have particularly simple features and techniques, making the service easy to comprehend, unlike other scripting languages. It is perfect for those users who have long scripts for most of their pages, and especially for style sheets and reference documents.

High Performance
PHP development is quick, efficient and performs well in almost any web browser, as well as working into almost any server. A user is able to add a few lines of code to a PHP document, save the document, and watch their website grow into a more dynamic and organized site.

PHP Services
The PHP system allows a user to illustrate specific functions within the code, which in turn can control the way a web browser displays and organizes information. There are numerous different services that PHP offers.

•    Advanced PHP programming and development
•    Customized PHP web application development
•    PHP software and website development
•    PHP eCommerce development
•    PHP Document Management System
•    PHP application support and maintenance

Majority of the present web servers like Microsoft, iPlanet, Vertigo servers, XAMPP and others show their support to PHP. Being compatible with the latest web servers, PHP programmers can to finish their tasks at a fast pace. Online shopping carts that are widely visible on various portals are integrated on websites using this particular scripting language.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cake PHP Web Development Hiring Services at IndiaNIC

IndiaNIC provides an array of services in PHP development, and currently, the company is witnessing a huge demand in almost each service. However, CakePHP has seen an elevation in demand owing to the cost-effective solutions that it provides for web applications. Therefore, the clients seem to be inclined towards this service. The open source web application framework that is modeled on the concepts of Ruby on Rails, has a huge demand in the development field.

hire php developer
The company also caters several benefits of hiring CakePHP application developers. The very first benefit that the clients get is the working shifts of the developers. The CakePHP developers of IndiaNIC work in shifts in order to maintain the time zone. Source code authorization is another great advantage of working with IndiaNIC.

The company assumes that its various beneficial features like compatibility with PHP4 and PHP5, availability of flexible data validation features, and its MVC structure is responsible for its huge demand. Both users and developers find it extremely useful and is a favorable choice for building web applications.

The clients are given the sole rights for the source code of the project. Clients can hire CakePHP developers from the company on full-time, part time and even on hourly basis. IndiaNIC, a company that provides software development services in different areas, has excellent developers for CakePHP as well as for other open source frameworks. The developers of the company possess requisite skills and talent and can accomplish all sorts of projects.

IndiaNIC is a 9001:2008 certified custom offshore software development company. With over 400 employees, it is one of the most trustworthy offshore software development companies. The efficiency of the developers has led to the increased demand of CakePHP services, and it has led to considerable growth of the company. For more information click here

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