Monday, July 22, 2013

PHP Development as the Global server

PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a highly popular open source server-side scripting language, that’s especially suited for web development and can be incorporated into HTML format and since then has installed its service in over 244 million sites, and 2.1 million servers. This makes it one of the most popular scripting languages in the world.

The PHP service caters to various industries, ranging from eCommerce websites to hard-end businesses. With PHP, you have the freedom of choosing an operating system and a web server. Aside from this, it gives the user the choice of using procedural programming or object oriented programming, or a combination of both of them.

PHP has a global presence, making it the right choice for website development. PHP web development in India is growing rapidly. After the US, India has the highest number of PHP developers. Many enterprises around the world prefer PHP development in India as India has proved its excellence in designing and programming, throughout the years.

Benefits of using PHP
PHP is an open source server side programming language, which is free, and made available in the market. Its coding style is quite easy to understand, and it is very efficient on multiple platforms. It is a very flexible and powerful language, making it most suitable for developing dynamic web pages.

It is compatible on any given operating system, such as Windows, UNIX, Linux and so forth. It is extremely difficult to come across a server that does not support PHP development.

Cost Cutting
Development of PHP based websites is highly affordable. Development, Customization and Designing of the website can be done at a cheap rate. Professional services of PHP are offered by the companies, such as designing, CMS development, Application development and others. PHP is also supported by major enterprises that contribute towards its success on a daily basis.

PHP services have particularly simple features and techniques, making the service easy to comprehend, unlike other scripting languages. It is perfect for those users who have long scripts for most of their pages, and especially for style sheets and reference documents.

High Performance
PHP development is quick, efficient and performs well in almost any web browser, as well as working into almost any server. A user is able to add a few lines of code to a PHP document, save the document, and watch their website grow into a more dynamic and organized site.

PHP Services
The PHP system allows a user to illustrate specific functions within the code, which in turn can control the way a web browser displays and organizes information. There are numerous different services that PHP offers.

•    Advanced PHP programming and development
•    Customized PHP web application development
•    PHP software and website development
•    PHP eCommerce development
•    PHP Document Management System
•    PHP application support and maintenance

Majority of the present web servers like Microsoft, iPlanet, Vertigo servers, XAMPP and others show their support to PHP. Being compatible with the latest web servers, PHP programmers can to finish their tasks at a fast pace. Online shopping carts that are widely visible on various portals are integrated on websites using this particular scripting language.

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